Local Food Available this week:

The best, freshly-harvested locally grown Fruit & Produce from small, hands-on Missouri and Illinois farms in season:

Homegrown Strawberries!

Homegrown Tomatoes!

Fresh Asparagus

Fresh Winter Spinach

Red Russian Kale

Crunchy Bok Choi, Spicy Mizuna

Homegrown Rhubarb

Fresh Basil & Rosemary

Pea Shoots & Radish Shoots

Fresh Watercress & Gutsy Spring Onions


Free range, small flock, hand harvested Eggs of Chicken & Duck

Grass Fed Ground Beef – 1# or 5# pack

Missouri made Mustard & Wine Vinegar

Southern Illinois Prepared Horseradish

Pure Maple, Sorghum & Apple Syrups, Honey & Honeycomb

Jeff Co MO Popcorn

Nut Butters & Amish Fruit Jams

Missouri Pecans & Black Walnuts

Long Grain Brown or White Missouri Rice

Water-powered grist mill Stone-ground Yellow Corn Grits & Yellow Cornmeal

All Missouri Whole Wheat Pastry Flour & Whole Grain Missouri Wheat Berry

For pricing, to place an order, or to shoot da breeze, call Andy – 314-518-6074

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