Fall is gonna be great!

While farmers seem congenitally predisposed to bitch about the weather under almost any circumstances, it has been a strange season.  Lots of spring rain upset many a grower’s planting schedule and floods even took out some early crops.  Then came drought and extreme heat that strangled Tomato blossoms and cooked Potatoes in the ground.  But now!  The rains have come, temperatures have mellowed, the days are weather-perfect and there is thrilling October baseball to be savored.  The fall harvest, which should run right into December, is looking glorious!  Beets and Turnips, Greens and hard Squash, Grapes and Sunchokes abound.  Soon are coming late Lettuce, fall Broccoli and Cauliflower.  The 2011 harvest season will consummate with a cornucopia!

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