Organic All-Missouri Tempeh

Tempeh is made as a process of natural culturing and controlled fermentation binds whole, cooked soybeans into a solid, compact, white cake with dense protein comparable to meat or dairy products but no saturated fat or cholesterol.  Common to Javanese cuisine, Tempeh offers more protein, fiber and vitamins than tofu but is just as flexible with a complex, subtle nutty, smoky, mushroom-like flavor of its own and the ability to absorb and reflect the flavors around it.  It has a firm, tender-chewy, nougat-like texture that dices large or small, slices thick or thin without crumbling and grates like semi-soft cheese.  It is made by hand in small batches in a certified kitchen in Columbia, Missouri entirely from organic, non-GMO soybeans grown in Boone County, MO.  You can steam, fry, grill, poach or bake this versatile stuff and menu your creation as organic, vegan or vegetarian and, of course, very local.

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